Your Christmas Tree May Have More Than 25,000 Bugs Living Inside It

Christmas is a magical time. One thing that could spoil this time of year would be pests. More specifically, bugs.

Most of the time, bugs are not a problem during the winter. A lot of insects are dormant during the cold months.

But, if you got yourself a real Christmas tree, you may have bugs that will come to life once they get inside your nice warm living room.

There is nothing that can compare to the smell of a fresh pine tree in your home at Christmas.

But, we all know that outside, trees are home to many of nature’s creatures. One such creature is the aphid.

They are small brown or black bugs that may reside in your Christmas tree.

Other likely suspects could be bark beetles, scale insects, mites, and psocids.

Also, keep an eye out for evidence of bugs, like burrows, eggs, or feeding trails.

These white blobs indicate the presence of adelgids.

They are made when the bugs suck the sap out of needles.

This walnut-sized tan mass is the egg mass of a praying mantis!

If you see one, you should get rid of it – it will hatch!

The type of bugs you may see will depend on where you live.

Some bugs are harmless, and not all insects are pests, lady beetle larvae will eat Christmas tree pests.

So, before you bring a tree into your home, check it first!

You can also give your tree a good shake to dislodge any unwanted guests or leave the tree in your garage for 24 hours.

Happy Holidays!

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